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Re: That pet shop still gets a thumbs up.

Posted by Jo-Ann on 1/12/07
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    On 1/11/07, Kelsi wrote:
    > I went to check out that pet shop that took over the
    > nasty one and it really is nice. The new owner has really
    > done alot of work and cleaning. When I was there I found
    > out that she has a website with pictures of the store.
    > Take a look, it's a really cute little store and a clean
    > one. She is very nice and knowledgeable, but there is one
    > thing I don't understand. I know that the place is always
    > busy and she is always getting in huge orders to restock
    > the supplies with, but I don't really understand why she
    > gave so many birds away for free? She gave away a
    > macaw, an umbrella cockatoo, lots of cockatiels, some
    > finches and a couple other birds I heard about. All those
    > birds were friendly and beautiful and had been given a
    > clean bill of health from the vets. She should be selling
    > them and making money on them but she doesn't seem to care
    > about losing money like that. I didn't ask her but I
    > probably should have because she is such a friendly person
    > I think she would have told me. Why would a pet shop give
    > away friendly healthy beautiful birds that could bring in
    > so much money? Well anyway, if you are in that area you
    > should definitely check it out because it's one of the
    > cleanest pet stores I have ever been in. The prices are
    > really good on bird food too.

    Most likely she is trying to build good will with a customer
    base. If the store was as bad as you described, people were
    probably afraid to buy a live animal kept in those
    conditions for fear it would die shortly after purchase.
    Along the same lines as a food company giving out samples.

    Let's face it, everyone she gave a bird to and those who
    found out about it will talk about it to everyone they
    know. Great marketing strategy to shed the bad reputation
    of the previous owner.

    Good will go alot further than hanging notices on the front
    doors of homes in the community. I hope she succeeds.