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Re: That pet shop still gets a thumbs up.

Posted by Carrie Ann on 3/17/07
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    Hi Kelsi,
    I went to the pet shop that you recommended and I just had
    to tell you that I loved it! The owners name is Alice and
    she is just the nicest person. I asked her all kinds of
    questions while I was there and she was indeed very
    knowledgable and very happy to answer all my questions
    without making me feel like I was keeping her from something
    else, like they do in so many stores. I found out that she
    was a vet tech and can accurately (I know because I too am a
    vet tech) answer a lot of questions about dogs and cats,
    including nutrition and health questions. She let me bring
    in my puppy to size a collar and I was shocked when she got
    down on the floor and played with him. It is immediately
    obvious that she is an animal lover. I asked about the Macaw
    and Cockatoo you spoke about and she told me that she was
    only interested in those birds getting into good homes. She
    said that she did sell one larger bird once, but will not
    sell any more large birds because she cannot be sure that
    they will get into appropriate homes. She will assist
    someone to rehome a bird if she can. The smaller birds she
    gave away were desperately in need of homes. She felt that
    they had been 'cagebound' and 'neglected' by the previous
    store owner for WAY too long and that they deserved to know
    what it was like to have a real home and a loving care taker
    that was all their own. Thats why she gave them away once
    she nursed them to health and brought them back from the
    brink of starvation, which is the condition they were in
    (that part I verified with others who had been in the store
    when those 'other' people owned it). I really liked the
    store, the cleanliness, and especially the warm and loving
    way that Alice deals with the animals that are there. I will
    never shop anywhere else for pet supplies again. Thanks for
    bringing that store to my attention Kelsi. I loved it!