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Re: That pet shop still gets a thumbs up./Kelsi

Posted by Carrie Ann on 5/25/07
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    Hey Kelsi have you been in there lately? She has like 8 more
    birds that were dumped off there that need homes as well as a few
    other types of animals people left off there. Its amazing that
    she is willing to do that. Thats a big burden for people to be
    putting on a kind hearted person like her. I mean she is trying
    to run a business after all and taking on other peoples pets like
    that and not getting anything in return has got to be putting a
    finacial burden on her. It costs money to feed those birds and
    animals and time to care for them. I don't know where she finds
    the time to keep the store so clean and take care of all those
    animals and tend to customers without ever making them feel
    rushed but she does because I've yet to see a dirty cage or a
    cage without fresh food and water. I wish I could help her out
    somehow. Maybe we will meet there someday so I will have a face
    to go with your name.