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Re: That pet shop still gets a thumbs up./Kelsi

Posted by Kelsi on 6/12/07
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    Yes, I have been in lately. She placed all those birds into new
    homes, and another Macaw that came in. And yes, she does spend a
    lot of time and money on other peoples rejected pets, but that is
    what she feels she needs to do. She loves animals, ALL ANIMALS,
    and she would never refuse to help one in need. It isn't about the
    money for her when it comes to doing what is right. She may own a
    pet shop, but she is a true rescuer at heart and I suspect she
    always will be. A lot of people could really learn a lot from
    her. And 'That pet shop', is called 'Animal Palace Pet Shop' and
    it's a really nice place. If only all pet shops were like hers.