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Re: I was sitting here thinking

Posted by Dave on 1/26/07
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    On 1/26/07, Betsy wrote:
    > On 1/16/07, Terry wrote:
    >> Does anyone remember when Birdmart had a group of great
    >> people that gave wonderful advice? I miss them. This
    >> board used to have so many good posts to read and learn.
    >> :(
    > You are so right. I miss it too. I guess they got tired
    > all the wise guys making cracks about their questions or
    > advice. I hope it gets better.

    Yeah, it's true. So many good solid people who also acted like
    friends are now gone. Actually, it's better that they left.
    They didn't deserve the nasty remarks and constant back
    stabbing. They didn't have any desire to go after people for
    no reason.
    A good thing happened though----after the nice people left a
    lot of the a*ssholes also left cause there was no one to
    insult or fight with.
    Afterward though, another bad thing then happened ----the old
    a*ssholes that left were replaced by new a*ssholes. It just
    seems like there's a bunch of shi*theads here that are intent
    on creating a bad name for Birdmart and sadly, they're being
    successful. ------Dave