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Re: kittyj :)Lindsey

Posted by KittyJ on 2/03/07
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    How are you doing?
    Yeah I have quite a few birds. However after we moved I did have
    to find homes for my flock of zebra and society finches, Javas and
    orange weavers. :(

    I have a pair of zebras and a pair of societies. Plan on getting
    intouch with some of the owners and possibly getting a few babies
    form the parents Ihave. I loved my old bloodline of finches.

    This summer I plan on rebuilding my aviary outside :D. New and
    improved baby! lol. Its going to be around same length, 12 ft, and
    Im planning on making it 4ft wide this time and same height, 6ft.

    Its going to be so great!

    I do have budgies. I love my little bugs. And still have my House
    Sparrow Sapphire, and Myko my Starling. I continue to rescue
    wildbirds in need. I love doing that and raising babies and
    rehabilitating them backinto their natural domane once fully
    capable of doing so.

    I recently rescued/adopted a Umbrella cockatoo. He is such a great
    bird. He is my first Large parrot. And boy I do love him. he
    had "some" behavior issues. He didnt like men or children. Heck he
    still dosesnt but his behavior has improved. And accpet the adult
    men in the house and the hyper sibling I have that released spirts
    of ADHD throughout the day. lol.

    So hows are you doing? Hows your Grey? I love greys. Such
    intelligent birds.

    Not sure what everyone is saying about the old thread. I ignore
    squabbling as much as I can. So whatever happened there doesnt
    bother me. :)
    aka Mercedez

    (Im trying to have people get used to my real name here. I went by
    KittyJ for so long online, its my nickname.)