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Re: kittyj :)Becky

Posted by Debby on 2/03/07
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    Do you get a kick out of putting people down? I did see the old post....

    I still say your post was unnecessary, and I'm entiled to my
    opinion. You seem to be a very harsh and angry lady.

    Also if I wish to say how I feel, Im going to "stick my nose in"
    anytime I want. After all isn't that what everyone else does? I
    almost laughed myself to death when I read your last line "Got it".
    Ha Ha...

    This is a chatboard, not real life, so don't try to be all high and
    mighty, with your snide comments. Just makes YOU look immature.

    End of subject as far as I'm concerned. Type all you want, I won't
    disgrace this board with petty bull crap like this.

    Now run along.

    > On 2/03/07, Debby wrote:
    >> Becky I don't see a thing wrong in Lyndsey's post, except to say
    >> someone told her Kitty said hello in the thread that was
    >> removed. She said Hi to Kitty and proceded to ask her about her
    >> birds. What makes her immature about that? Because she said
    >> "erm"?
    >> I think your post is a post that would keep things going as you
    >> say. You felt the need to write "keep your mouth shut" because
    >> she is saying hello to someone?
    >> Sorry Becky but its posts like yours that are cocky and not
    >> necessary that has brought this board down the way it is. Just
    >> my opinion.
    >>> On 2/02/07, Lyndsey wrote:
    >>>> Just a quick hello to you. I was informed that you said hi
    >>>> to me in the last...erm...thread. Well, it was removed
    >>>> before i got on to see.
    >>> Lindsey, you would think you would learn to let things go,
    >>> but you insist on keeping things going.
    >>> Show some maturity and move on. If you can't do that, keep
    >>> your mouth shut.
    >>> The posting was removed because of ...erm...crybabies.
    >>> yankeggs dot com would love to have you.
    > Debby, you're always three sandwiches shy of a picnic in your
    > responses.
    > Since you are clueless as to what I'm referring to you are the
    > one that should keep your mouth shut.
    > Lindsey had an entire posting removed because she didn't like
    > what was being said in the post. Obviously you didn't see it
    > before it was removed.
    > That's what the "erm" was for. Don't put your nose into
    > situations where you don't have ALL the facts. Got it?