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Re: kittyj :)Lindsey

Posted by KittyJ on 2/05/07
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    Aww that grey sounds adorable. I myself, may be getting a few Greys
    before this year end ;) Someone contact me down in Seattle wanting me
    to take their two greys, they just dont have time for them. They are
    untame, but long to sing and talk up a storm :)

    I watch many videos on youtube about birds. The other day my brother
    showed me a clip on youtube with starlings. There was a 1000 birds
    trying to fly on two very close trees and the trees would bend with th
    ebirds! As the trees bend halfway down the birds would take flight
    causing the trees to spring back up, and the birds would fly about a
    hundred few in a circle and return to their "toy" LOL. It was

    I forone dont have a favorite bird. I LOVE seeing all wildbirds flying
    free and doing their thing. It amazes me and I just love it. I
    remember back in Middle School I wouldnt really eat too mcuh food
    during lunch so I'd take left overs that i got from my friends and my
    own food outside to the field and throws it and swarm of seagulls and
    crows would come. One time The field was crowde with them. Or should I
    say they were al hovering over me trying to get the food? LOL. I
    believe the most Gulls I attracted was about a 100 and that was on my
    birthday in 6th grade. lol. Whats sad is that later that day, I
    believe someone poisoned one of my seagulls friends, because I was
    able to pick him up (The gulls were very attached to me and I could
    just about touch them when I fed them) and he died later that day :( I
    felt so horrible! So I had to teach the Gulls to be afraid of me. One
    day I got an Idea, if I grabbed one of their flock mates after I fed
    them, and chased them they would be afraid of me. I wanted them to be
    afraid because after a while the Gulls would follow anyone around that
    would throw food for them :( And some people are just down right evil!
    So i decided to throw food in the Dugout(is that what you call it) in
    the Baseball cage things.. and well ofcourse the gulls ran in there.
    And I chases one and picked one up. It was so horrible I made it throw
    up. But Im glad I did it. Because all the seagulls that day stopped
    following people.. actually theyu sort of still did. Just not like 5ft
    away begging for food like they did before. More like 20ft away. And
    After I woudl feed them I chased them to make sure they got the point.
    And well, that ended my friendship with the Gulls. I however still fed
    them untill late 7th grade when the school believed that Washingotn
    rains couldnt wash away Seagull poop on the gras! PSSSSSHT!! lol. But
    it was for th ebest, the flock of gulls didnt com anymore,
    ocassioanlly one or two can be seed on buildings and the fields but
    not as in great numbers as before. I believe thats when I became "Bird
    girl" well known at our school. lol.

    Whoops I went over board there. lol. That all happened 4-6years ago.

    On 2/05/07, Lyndsey wrote:
    > Hi Kittyj
    > I love starlings!! Have you ever seen that video of about a million
    > of them sweeping over the English country side? Its absoloutly
    > amazing! I might have a peak on youtube to see if i can find it.
    > My favourite wild birds are Jackdaws. Not sure if you have them in
    > the US but they are really clever little birds. They look a bit like
    > little crows but they have blue eyes.
    > I'm sorry to hear you had to give up your finches. It's hard when
    > you're attached to them. But I'm sure they are all doing fine.
    > My Grey is as cheeky as ever! He's hard work sometimes because
    > he/she (we dont really know) is a bit of a man lover. (Suggesting he
    > is a she!). Right this moment he is beat-boxing and then doing a
    > chicken noise.
    > I went to a pet shop yesterday to look at the parrots...(we cant
    > resist having a nose) and there was this little cockatiel in a cage
    > with lots of others and he was singing away happily! I REALLY wanted
    > to buy him but my boyfriend talked me round. But it was a close one!
    > He was so cute! We have had a cockatiel in the family for about 18
    > years. He's fab.
    > Your new cockatoo sounds great! Their behviour issues makes them who
    > they are sometimes, like they have too much personality! like my
    > cheeky Grey, people no not to mess with him when they come over! He
    > gives them the stare!
    > The old thread was ridiculous. And this one is going the same way
    > now. I only wanted to say hi to you!
    > Take care.
    > On 2/03/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Hello
    >> How are you doing?
    >> Yeah I have quite a few birds. However after we moved I did have
    >> to find homes for my flock of zebra and society finches, Javas and
    >> orange weavers. :(
    >> I have a pair of zebras and a pair of societies. Plan on getting
    >> intouch with some of the owners and possibly getting a few babies
    >> form the parents Ihave. I loved my old bloodline of finches.
    >> This summer I plan on rebuilding my aviary outside :D. New and
    >> improved baby! lol. Its going to be around same length, 12 ft, and
    >> Im planning on making it 4ft wide this time and same height, 6ft.
    >> Its going to be so great!
    >> I do have budgies. I love my little bugs. And still have my House
    >> Sparrow Sapphire, and Myko my Starling. I continue to rescue
    >> wildbirds in need. I love doing that and raising babies and
    >> rehabilitating them backinto their natural domane once fully
    >> capable of doing so.
    >> I recently rescued/adopted a Umbrella cockatoo. He is such a great
    >> bird. He is my first Large parrot. And boy I do love him. he
    >> had "some" behavior issues. He didnt like men or children. Heck he
    >> still dosesnt but his behavior has improved. And accpet the adult
    >> men in the house and the hyper sibling I have that released spirts
    >> of ADHD throughout the day. lol.
    >> So hows are you doing? Hows your Grey? I love greys. Such
    >> intelligent birds.
    >> Not sure what everyone is saying about the old thread. I ignore
    >> squabbling as much as I can. So whatever happened there doesnt
    >> bother me. :)
    >> aka Mercedez
    >> (Im trying to have people get used to my real name here. I went by
    >> KittyJ for so long online, its my nickname.)