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Re: hows yer grey lindsey

Posted by Lyndsey on 2/05/07
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    He's cool! As cheeky as ever. When we moved into the new house
    we accidently set the house alarm off trying to type in the
    new code and now he thinks it's the best sound ever!

    I hav got to tell you about this...

    Last night i thought there was something wrong with him
    because i could hear a horrible screaming noise coming from
    somewhere so i dived out of bed and ran downstarirs. Turns out
    the noise is coming from outside. The noise was sickening!
    Relived that it wasn't the parrot, we crept out with a torch
    to locate the fox? cat? that had obviously been injured in
    some horrific way. We went round the side of the house and it
    was coming form the bin. I thought maybe a cat had climed in
    and the lid had slammed shut. At this point a neightbour came
    out of her house to investigate, and joined us. It was about
    3.30am and this noise was waking the whole street. We started
    to creep forward toward the bin when suddenly, the torch light
    fell onto , a hedgehog!! A hedgehog was making this racket! We
    were all astounded! How could a hedgehog make that noise? I
    never even knew they made a noise! Such a small animal and
    such a racket.

    Anyway, the lady ran in and got some cat food and a bowl of
    water and we put it all next to him. Then she called the
    hedgehog rescue.

    I still cant believe it! I hope he's doing o.k. We think a cat
    had had a go at him and he was warning it off, then got a bit
    carried away.

    If i hear anything ill keep you posted!