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Re: hows yer grey lindsey

Posted by Mickie on 2/12/07
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    On 2/05/07, Lyndsey wrote:
    > He's cool! As cheeky as ever. When we moved into the new house
    > we accidently set the house alarm off trying to type in the
    > new code and now he thinks it's the best sound ever!
    > I hav got to tell you about this...
    > Last night i thought there was something wrong with him
    > because i could hear a horrible screaming noise coming from
    > somewhere so i dived out of bed and ran downstarirs. Turns out
    > the noise is coming from outside. The noise was sickening!
    > Relived that it wasn't the parrot, we crept out with a torch
    > to locate the fox? cat? that had obviously been injured in
    > some horrific way. We went round the side of the house and it
    > was coming form the bin. I thought maybe a cat had climed in
    > and the lid had slammed shut. At this point a neightbour came
    > out of her house to investigate, and joined us. It was about
    > 3.30am and this noise was waking the whole street. We started
    > to creep forward toward the bin when suddenly, the torch light
    > fell onto , a hedgehog!! A hedgehog was making this racket! We
    > were all astounded! How could a hedgehog make that noise? I
    > never even knew they made a noise! Such a small animal and
    > such a racket.
    > Anyway, the lady ran in and got some cat food and a bowl of
    > water and we put it all next to him. Then she called the
    > hedgehog rescue.
    > I still cant believe it! I hope he's doing o.k. We think a cat
    > had had a go at him and he was warning it off, then got a bit
    > carried away.
    > If i hear anything ill keep you posted!

    Thank you Lindsey for the story, I always get a spiritual kind
    of lift when I hear of what happens when our paths crosses with
    other creatures. I hope the poor little thing is doing well.