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Re: electra and everyone else :)

Posted by KittyJ on 2/08/07
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    Thank you fo rthe welcome back. I actually do remember Mkay,
    and Michael L. Great people, same with Robin P and KarenH and
    a few others. Robin P has been gone for a couple years I
    think, Havent heard form her in so long. Im not exactly sure
    when Mykay and Michael L left... nor do I remember the reason.
    I know Michael L had such Beautiful birds, my gollie th ebirds
    he had, such beauty! Mkay also had a I believe a Yellow nape
    Amazon that she got from a baby. Not sure if he ever grew out
    the yello wnape or not... its been so long :( I wonder if
    anyone has Mkay's Email? Hmm..

    On 2/05/07, electra wrote:
    > hi-
    > yes i too have been a long time poster....remember micheal
    > l. and mckay??? Bird mart shall fly
    > hi and welcome back
    > On 2/05/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Hello Electra
    >> I stopped comming here too frequent within a years worth a
    >> time. I am tryign to come back and talk and be apart of
    >> thi board again. And seen your one of the more frequent
    >> posters here. Hi nice to meet you :) And everyone else I
    >> do not know too well. :)