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Re: Mynah bird movie

Posted by Curley on 2/13/07
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    On 2/13/07, Kim wrote:
    > On 2/13/07, Curley wrote:
    >> Hey Paul, Yesterday I forgot to say that I'm glad your back.
    >> Apparently we have both learned to ignore the trolls on this
    >> site. LMAO. Have a great day.
    > Shouldn't you be watching your security monitors? Sheesh!
    > I think someone is coming up the driveway now. Release the
    > hounds!

    Its sad to think that some people dont appreciate the money and
    hard work we put into breeding the rarer species. Its also sad
    that we have to be so careful as to who we let even know that we
    have these birds. Yesterday I saw several friends here come to
    my defense to post that they know for a fact that I have over 20
    hys. Thanks Tammy and Angie and the others. And Kim and the
    other trolls, I assure you, that if I told you who I really am
    you would STFU. But I'm not risking my flock to give that info
    to a troll. I'm done with you.

    There ya go I simply responded here to tell Paul that I'm glad
    hes back and I get attacked for being a nice person. Witches,
    bitches, thieves and turds. There are too few nice people on
    this board. No wonder they all leave.............