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Re: Curley

Posted by Bea on 2/15/07
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    On 2/13/07, Curley wrote:
    > There ya go I simply responded here to tell Paul that I'm glad
    > hes back and I get attacked for being a nice person. Witches,
    > bitches, thieves and turds. There are too few nice people on
    > this board. No wonder they all leave.............

    This paragraph pretty much sums up the hypocrisy of Curly.
    As a self-proclaimed, God-fearing Christian, she uses unkind words
    to describe people that she should have more compassion towards.
    Then she coyly calls herself a nice person. Anyone who has to tell
    others that they are nice, usually has a dark side to them. Nice
    need not be self proclaimed.
    And if ALL the nice people leave this board, then why are you, by
    your own admission, still here Curly?