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Re: Curley

Posted by Curley on 2/13/07
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    On 2/13/07, Pauljr wrote:
    > What ive been doing is writing an article about major
    > mitchells for a bird magazine...
    > I first declined cause im a terrible writer and ive only
    > had the majors 4 years but they continued to send mail
    > requesting Paul from jurassic parrots so I gave in and I
    > just did the best I can. I did authorize her to fix any
    > writing
    > Im not sure why but they insisted on me to write this
    > article maybe you know more about this since you been
    > breeding birds so long
    > Pauljr

    Thats great. I'm sure you will do a fine job. I am not too
    fond of cockatoos. I only bred them for a few years, long
    ago. So I wouldn't be any help. However, as you know, I do
    know about macaws. lol, I'm pretty sure you believe me. lol
    But the Trolls here have a hard time believing anyone about
    anything. What they fail to realize is that there are ppl
    breeding them and some of these ppl do frequent the
    internet. But anyone with over,say, 4 or 5 Hys is not going
    to give out any location, identification,etc details OR
    exact security details. Good luck with your article. Curley