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Re: Curley/To Curley

Posted by Curley on 2/14/07
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    On 2/14/07, Kel wrote:
    > On 2/13/07, Curley wrote:
    >> On 2/13/07, Pauljr wrote:
    >>> What ive been doing is writing an article about major
    >>> mitchells for a bird magazine...
    >>> I first declined cause im a terrible writer and ive only
    >>> had the majors 4 years but they continued to send mail
    >>> requesting Paul from jurassic parrots so I gave in and I
    >>> just did the best I can. I did authorize her to fix any
    >>> writing
    >>> Im not sure why but they insisted on me to write this
    >>> article maybe you know more about this since you been
    >>> breeding birds so long
    >>> Pauljr
    >> Thats great. I'm sure you will do a fine job. I am not too
    >> fond of cockatoos. I only bred them for a few years, long
    >> ago. So I wouldn't be any help. However, as you know, I do
    >> know about macaws. lol, I'm pretty sure you believe me. lol
    >> But the Trolls here have a hard time believing anyone about
    >> anything. What they fail to realize is that there are ppl
    >> breeding them and some of these ppl do frequent the
    >> internet. But anyone with over,say, 4 or 5 Hys is not going
    >> to give out any location, identification,etc details OR
    >> exact security details. Good luck with your article. Curley
    > Hi Curley,
    > do you have or have raised smaller birds. Just curious since
    > you said you once had toos, that maybe you raised smaller
    > birds ie: cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets etc. I've only
    > had small birds. Right now have a baby Bourkes Parakeet along
    > with a cockatiel, soon to receive a Linny.
    > Kel
    Hi Kel, I was lucky enough to start breeding african grays and
    then work my way up. I bought one pair of plucked congos and
    within 8 weeks I had 4 babies. I have put all the proceeds right
    back into birds over and over again. And thats how I ended up
    with so many macaws, Vasas, grays, etc. There are alot of ppl
    here that have the smaller birds and altho I know alittle about
    them I don't say too much cuz there are ppl here that certainly
    know more than I. About 8 years ago I produced a flock of 12
    pair of suns just for the heck of it and I have them set up for
    colony breeding. They are fun to watch fly around and interact.
    However, as I continue to cut back on breeding [cuz I'm getting
    too dam old] the sun conures will be the next to go. I will die
    with my Hys and my son will continue breeding them. Anyway, is
    there a specific question you needed answered? I do know alittle
    about smaller birds but I am no expert. What do you need to
    know? I will try to help. Have a great day.