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Re: Curley/To Curley

Posted by Curley on 2/14/07
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    On 2/14/07, Kel wrote:
    > On 2/14/07, Curley wrote:
    >> On 2/14/07, Kel wrote:
    >>> On 2/13/07, Curley wrote:
    >>>> On 2/13/07, Pauljr wrote:
    >>>>> What ive been doing is writing an article about major
    >>>>> mitchells for a bird magazine...
    >>>>> I first declined cause im a terrible writer and ive only
    >>>>> had the majors 4 years but they continued to send mail
    >>>>> requesting Paul from jurassic parrots so I gave in and I
    >>>>> just did the best I can. I did authorize her to fix any
    >>>>> writing
    >>>>> Im not sure why but they insisted on me to write this
    >>>>> article maybe you know more about this since you been
    >>>>> breeding birds so long
    >>>>> Pauljr
    >>>> Thats great. I'm sure you will do a fine job. I am not too
    >>>> fond of cockatoos. I only bred them for a few years, long
    >>>> ago. So I wouldn't be any help. However, as you know, I do
    >>>> know about macaws. lol, I'm pretty sure you believe me. lol
    >>>> But the Trolls here have a hard time believing anyone about
    >>>> anything. What they fail to realize is that there are ppl
    >>>> breeding them and some of these ppl do frequent the
    >>>> internet. But anyone with over,say, 4 or 5 Hys is not going
    >>>> to give out any location, identification,etc details OR
    >>>> exact security details. Good luck with your article. Curley
    >>> Hi Curley,
    >>> do you have or have raised smaller birds. Just curious since
    >>> you said you once had toos, that maybe you raised smaller
    >>> birds ie: cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets etc. I've only
    >>> had small birds. Right now have a baby Bourkes Parakeet along
    >>> with a cockatiel, soon to receive a Linny.
    >>> Kel
    >> Hi Kel, I was lucky enough to start breeding african grays and
    >> then work my way up. I bought one pair of plucked congos and
    >> within 8 weeks I had 4 babies. I have put all the proceeds right
    >> back into birds over and over again. And thats how I ended up
    >> with so many macaws, Vasas, grays, etc. There are alot of ppl
    >> here that have the smaller birds and altho I know alittle about
    >> them I don't say too much cuz there are ppl here that certainly
    >> know more than I. About 8 years ago I produced a flock of 12
    >> pair of suns just for the heck of it and I have them set up for
    >> colony breeding. They are fun to watch fly around and interact.
    >> However, as I continue to cut back on breeding [cuz I'm getting
    >> too dam old] the sun conures will be the next to go. I will die
    >> with my Hys and my son will continue breeding them. Anyway, is
    >> there a specific question you needed answered? I do know alittle
    >> about smaller birds but I am no expert. What do you need to
    >> know? I will try to help. Have a great day.
    > Hi Curley,
    > Not a specific question, just was kinda curious. I know nothing
    > about large birds whatsoever! I love sun conures... my roommate
    > had one but it was the noisiest bird ever! So I just stayed with
    > the small birds that were not as loud. Well with the exception of
    > lovebirds. I don't breed birds, just enjoy them as pets. I've
    > never seen a Hy in person even at all the bird shows I've been to
    > but have enjoyed their beauty in pics and online. I've been told
    > they are rare, but it seems there are alot of people out there
    > that have them. Do you breed them for pets or breeders?
    > Thats basically it, just wanted to know... I see some folks can't
    > play well with others sometimes. I'd rather get to know those out
    > there on the boards if we are all going to frequent it as much as
    > we do! When I do have questions feel to answer them if you want...
    > doesn't hurt right? :)
    > Take care,
    > Kel

    Well Kel I can see you are a Doll. Thank you for being so polite
    Dear. A full 99% of the ads you see for hyacinths are scammers.
    Thats a fact. I have never had to advertize to sell a Hy, ever. I
    maintain a 1-2 year waiting list and alot of ppl I just have to
    refuse to sell to. I believe most Hy breeders are probably in the
    same position, I might be wrong tho. So IMO there is a high demand
    for them. I breed them for pets but the real truth about domestic
    macaws is that many times the ppl that buy them realize they cant
    handle them as they get older and they get rowdy and some breeder
    buys them to breed. So breeding Hys for the pet market isn't a bad
    thing. Because many do end up being breeders eventually. And thats a
    good thing. BECAUSE baby and juvenal Hys are so needy that they
    need to be with their parents to be raised or kept by ppl that
    really love and cuddle them. They are a different bird. Later they
    can be breeders. I hope this all makes sense. its rather hard to
    explain. I hope I answered your questions. Have a great V Day