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Re: Absolutely Amazing!

Posted by Paul jr on 2/14/07
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    On 2/13/07, Tired Of It All wrote:
    > Did you ever hear the expression "put up or shut up?"
    > Curly is some famous, secretive person that offers
    > virtually nothing in the line of actual bird information,
    > but loves to tell everyone how many hyacinths she/he has,
    > and of course lives in la la land with security this and
    > security that.
    > She or he is basically a cheerleader for the semi-resident
    > Pauljr who, in human terms, cannot be explained.
    > He's been chosen by a "secret magazine" to write an
    > on birds that he admittedly knows little about.
    > What is wrong with your people when you defend these
    > Sorry if I don't worship at the same Church of the
    > as the rest of you.

    I believe she has 20 pair of hyacinth and whats the big
    deal. start out with a few pair and eventually youll have
    20 pair...I think you should worship Curley she has 20 pair
    of hyacinth and you dont is the trouble here...

    Im interested in Curley story how she did it to achieve
    20 pair of hyacinths.

    Paul jr