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Re: Curley (brooders)

Posted by Pauljr on 2/15/07
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    On 2/15/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 2/15/07, Pauljr wrote:
    >> Curley,
    >> Do you have that mobile brooder from brincea and if so is
    >> it any good. I just ordered one cause my fertiles start
    >> hatching feb 24 thru 8th of march..We got lots of fertiles
    >> of all kinds...I just havent posted all of them yet on my
    >> i think im gona have a great season cause every egg is
    >> perky fertile large red veins
    >> PaulJr
    > Hi Paul, I use several Joe Freeds Brooders in my facilities
    > and I have a couple of Deans brooders for mobile. IMO these
    > are probably the best and parts are very easy to get. Joe
    > and Dean are great guys too. BTW I have a Grumbach Incubator
    > and 2 turnXs just sitting here. All of my breeders take care
    > of their babies for 2 or 3 weeks. Most Hy breeders pull and
    > incubate the eggs but I let nature take its course. I sure
    > hope you have a great season.

    I have 1 freed and 1 avey but need mobile cause im driving
    from 1 hr to work all the customers are excited to see day 1
    babies so need the mobile type...brincea

    Paul jr