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Re: Curley (brooders)

Posted by Curley on 2/15/07
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    On 2/15/07, Fran wrote:
    > Paul, are you insane? Wait, that was a stupid question. What I mean
    > to say is ARE YOU INSANE???????????????
    > You are actually considering letting your eggs (that is, if these
    > eggs are real) hatch in the window of a car repair joint, so
    > passersby can gaulk and, these babies can be exposed to every bit of
    > riff-raff that wanders into your store, AND whatever fumes are
    > produced by your shop.
    > Please tell me I'm missing something here.

    You are right Fran. I didn't think of that but I just figured it was
    going to be set up in an office. An auto repair shop wouldn't be the
    best place for that unless you are sure of the air quality. I don't
    think the babies care who looks at them but they will thrive better in
    a darker envirement. Paul just think about all the problems that can
    occur before you proceed. We don't know how you plan to set this up so
    its your judgement. Fran and I ust want to make you aware of all the
    hazards that may be present and we want those babies to survive.