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Re: Curley (brooders)electra

Posted by Paul Jr on 2/15/07
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    I was thinking more on the line getting so witness the egg and the hatching.

    Baby birds dont care whos is looking as long as they got food in form of a
    syringe , spoon or cup full of

    I love all animals and so do all my customers I only seem to find crazy on the

    Paul Jr

    On 2/15/07, electra wrote:
    > paulo-
    > we have a shop up here that is not a bird specialty place that puts its
    > babies on display in glass cages and they do not appear to like being peeked
    > at....i think they feel threatned and stressed. BIG headed people starin at
    > me would eek me out too. :(
    > electra
    > On 2/15/07, Curley wrote:
    >> On 2/15/07, Pauljr wrote:
    >>> On 2/15/07, Curley wrote:
    >>>> On 2/15/07, Fran wrote:
    >>>>> Paul, are you insane? Wait, that was a stupid question. What I mean
    >>>>> to say is ARE YOU INSANE???????????????
    >>>>> You are actually considering letting your eggs (that is, if these
    >>>>> eggs are real) hatch in the window of a car repair joint, so
    >>>>> passersby can gaulk and, these babies can be exposed to every bit of
    >>>>> riff-raff that wanders into your store, AND whatever fumes are
    >>>>> produced by your shop.
    >>>>> Please tell me I'm missing something here.
    >>>> You are right Fran. I didn't think of that but I just figured it was
    >>>> going to be set up in an office. An auto repair shop wouldn't be the
    >>>> best place for that unless you are sure of the air quality. I don't
    >>>> think the babies care who looks at them but they will thrive better in
    >>>> a darker envirement. Paul just think about all the problems that can
    >>>> occur before you proceed. We don't know how you plan to set this up so
    >>>> its your judgement. Fran and I ust want to make you aware of all the
    >>>> hazards that may be present and we want those babies to survive.
    >>>> Curley
    >>> I have top of the line shop and waiting room has air managemnet control
    >>> no problem with that....I have a few customers that bring their birds
    >>> up when im working on their cars and hang out chatting about birds.
    >>> Pauljr
    >> Great then have at it. But test the incubator for a week cuz of the sun,
    >> etc. . Paul please check out the thread on the site that I posted in the
    >> HEY KITTYJ AND EVERYONE ELSE thread I just posted here. I invite you and
    >> everyone else to join A v i a r y . i n f o. There are alot of nice ppl
    >> there and the trolls get one chance to behave and next time they are
    >> banned.