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Re: Curley (brooders)

Posted by Curley on 2/15/07
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    On 2/15/07, Fran wrote:
    > Paul, So not only are people coming in off the street around the babies, but
    > they are also bringing their birds with them? Perfect!
    > Have you no notion of protecting your babies from possible disease and
    > stress. How do the babies get rest in a "display window" in an auto repair
    > shop?

    Fran you bring up some very valid points that I was not aware of. I didnt
    know ppl brought their birds in, etc. Its a nice idea Paul but I have to agree
    with Fran at this point. I'm not sure you can adaquitly protect those babys
    with no immune system. Thanks Fran for making us aware. Isn't it nice when ppl
    can chat and learn and not argue and be mean. This is important info that is
    valuable to all.

    BTW, I kinda hate seeing my name in all these thread titles. I'm used to
    laying low lol