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Post: KittyJ looky here

Posted by Curley on 2/15/07

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    I have a reply for KittyJ and her original question posted
    here. for some reason its wont post where its suppossed to.

    Posted by KittyJ on 2/14/07

    I didnt know you bred Hys, you been keeping this from
    me ;) Jk :)
    I agree God is the only one that shoudl be Worshipped.
    Also are yuo a breeder breeder, or one that has 10pairs
    that "accidently" had a few babies ;) I would love to
    learn more about
    Hys as I would love to breed and have a natural
    environemtn for them
    and help rehabilitate them and have more natral birds in
    the wild..
    not with just Hys but all endangered birds. And I would
    love to be in
    contact with a few breeders of the birds I would love to
    help :)

    posted by Curley

    Dear KittyJ
    In the past I have pretty much been quiet here on birdmart
    cuz it seems that one can say the most innocent and
    uncontrovercial thing and get attacked by a gackle of
    trolls. That said, being able to accumeulate this many
    breeder hys has made it possible for me to cut back on
    breeding most other species. I breed hys for 2 reasons, to
    help preserve the species and [like everyone else] the
    money. I need to support myself and these birds somehow.
    They won't be releasing hys back to the wild for a very
    long time, if ever. The hy is brazils national treasure
    and is being greatly protected now. Because of this I
    believe that the wild numbers should sustain or hopefully
    increase. The government has really stepped in to help
    protect these and other endangered species. And
    governments of most countries are now working together to
    protect all species.

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