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Re: KittyJ looky here

Posted by KittyJ on 2/15/07
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    On 2/15/07, Curley wrote:
    > I have a reply for KittyJ and her original question posted
    > here. for some reason its wont post where its suppossed to.
    > Posted by KittyJ on 2/14/07
    > Curley,
    > I didnt know you bred Hys, you been keeping this from
    > me ;) Jk :)
    > I agree God is the only one that shoudl be Worshipped.
    > Also are yuo a breeder breeder, or one that has 10pairs
    > that "accidently" had a few babies ;) I would love to
    > learn more about
    > Hys as I would love to breed and have a natural
    > environemtn for them
    > and help rehabilitate them and have more natral birds in
    > the wild..
    > not with just Hys but all endangered birds. And I would
    > love to be in
    > contact with a few breeders of the birds I would love to
    > help :)
    > posted by Curley
    > Dear KittyJ
    > In the past I have pretty much been quiet here on birdmart
    > cuz it seems that one can say the most innocent and
    > uncontrovercial thing and get attacked by a gackle of
    > trolls. That said, being able to accumeulate this many
    > breeder hys has made it possible for me to cut back on
    > breeding most other species. I breed hys for 2 reasons, to
    > help preserve the species and [like everyone else] the
    > money. I need to support myself and these birds somehow.
    > They won't be releasing hys back to the wild for a very
    > long time, if ever. The hy is brazils national treasure
    > and is being greatly protected now. Because of this I
    > believe that the wild numbers should sustain or hopefully
    > increase. The government has really stepped in to help
    > protect these and other endangered species. And
    > governments of most countries are now working together to
    > protect all species.

    Thanks for the site I'll check it out :)
    I want to breed rare and endangere dbird sso I can help
    release them. I know the Brazil Gov now is really sytarting
    to enforce laws and ect ect on these birds. But I really
    think it woul dbe great to help release some birds. I
    wouldnt be in for the money. I couldnt care less. But to
    support your birds it must vost a lot. I understand that
    though. But I would love to just release the offspring and
    all back to the wild, ofcourse rehabilitating them and all,
    not just opening up the back door and saying "Get out!" lol.
    I believe you have 20hys, doesnt seem like its a lie. Heck,
    1 male + 1 female can have up tp 3 chicks a year and when
    you sell the babies and or trade for new blood thats how it
    all starts and begins, and everything :)