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Re: Curley ( My Thoughts)

Posted by Curley on 2/16/07
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    On 2/16/07, Pauljr wrote:
    > I live my life off this base!
    > 1 God
    > 2 People
    > 3 Animals
    > 4 Money
    > When I decided to breed Parrots I went to the source who
    > is the most successful Howard Voren and Gail Worth.
    > I had to prove Howards theory to be correct which it is.
    > Pulling eggs from parrots has no ill affect on the parents
    > assuming they are healthy to start with and you meet the
    > birds nutritional requirements on eggs being pulled.
    > Why?
    > Parrots use a muscle when you use the muscle you must feed
    > it and it will get can also burn the muscle
    > out by over using it and not meeting the muscle
    > requirements to get stronger...
    > My Diet
    > I based my diet is same as Gail Worth the only diff I use
    > Kaytee Fiesta as my dry and liquid calcium instead of
    > powder. The base of course is sprouted grains china praire.
    > lots of fresh veggies blue berries everyday I hold nothing
    > back when it comes to parrot diet. My mom always makes
    > comments these birds eat better then we
    > I pull first clutch and let parents try second clutch not
    > because im worried about parents cause day 1 is alot of
    > work so we split the The money that is made
    > from the birds goes into a bird account which is used to
    > buy more birds and build a bigger aviary. This account is
    > in the red and pauls been feeding it....hahaha
    > Paul Jr

    Thats cool, and I agree with all you say. My only concern
    was that he babies do much better by letting the parents
    feed them for a couple of weeks. I'm not so worried about
    the parent birds cuz nature will cause them not overbreed
    99% of the time. I leave my nestboxes up all the time. Most
    pairs will give me 2 clutches a year average. Some will give
    3 or 4 but I feed a great diet also and there are no ill
    effects. I live in a colder climate and my facilities is
    entirely indoors so my birds are not seasonal. That leaves
    me with a huge advantage as far as sales is concerned. Rick
    and Howard are by far the most experianced at incubating and
    handfeeding from day one. Oh, and btw, you had better love
    breeding birds cuz its dam hard to make a profit considering
    all the time and effort we put into it. I think you will do
    fine cuz you have your priorities right [as you first
    stated], an open mind, and are trying to learn as much as
    possible. now where the hell is that darn smiley icon?