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Re: Curley ( My Thoughts)

Posted by Paul Jr on 2/16/07
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    On 2/16/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 2/16/07, Pauljr wrote:
    >> I live my life off this base!
    >> 1 God
    >> 2 People
    >> 3 Animals
    >> 4 Money
    >> When I decided to breed Parrots I went to the source who
    >> is the most successful Howard Voren and Gail Worth.
    >> I had to prove Howards theory to be correct which it is.
    >> Pulling eggs from parrots has no ill affect on the parents
    >> assuming they are healthy to start with and you meet the
    >> birds nutritional requirements on eggs being pulled.
    >> Why?
    >> Parrots use a muscle when you use the muscle you must feed
    >> it and it will get can also burn the muscle
    >> out by over using it and not meeting the muscle
    >> requirements to get stronger...
    >> My Diet
    >> I based my diet is same as Gail Worth the only diff I use
    >> Kaytee Fiesta as my dry and liquid calcium instead of
    >> powder. The base of course is sprouted grains china praire.
    >> lots of fresh veggies blue berries everyday I hold nothing
    >> back when it comes to parrot diet. My mom always makes
    >> comments these birds eat better then we
    >> I pull first clutch and let parents try second clutch not
    >> because im worried about parents cause day 1 is alot of
    >> work so we split the The money that is made
    >> from the birds goes into a bird account which is used to
    >> buy more birds and build a bigger aviary. This account is
    >> in the red and pauls been feeding it....hahaha
    >> Paul Jr
    > Thats cool, and I agree with all you say. My only concern
    > was that he babies do much better by letting the parents
    > feed them for a couple of weeks. I'm not so worried about
    > the parent birds cuz nature will cause them not overbreed
    > 99&37; of the time. I leave my nestboxes up all the time.
    > pairs will give me 2 clutches a year average. Some will give
    > 3 or 4 but I feed a great diet also and there are no ill
    > effects. I live in a colder climate and my facilities is
    > entirely indoors so my birds are not seasonal. That leaves
    > me with a huge advantage as far as sales is concerned. Rick
    > and Howard are by far the most experianced at incubating and
    > handfeeding from day one. Oh, and btw, you had better love
    > breeding birds cuz its dam hard to make a profit considering
    > all the time and effort we put into it. I think you will do
    > fine cuz you have your priorities right [as you first
    > stated], an open mind, and are trying to learn as much as
    > possible. now where the hell is that darn smiley icon?
    > Cheers

    When you live your life off my 4 base principles the money
    just comes and youll never have to worry or even think about
    it...dont think I didnt learn the hardway before ever
    fiquring this out...Ill give you a hint when you put money
    first youll lose it all...ask saddam

    I ever need money I just call my broker send me 150 thousand
    please. Today i dont owe anybody creditors are all paid,
    shop is paid for, birds are paid for, I have a good
    redtail black cockatoos im holding nothing back lets go for it

    Paul Jr