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Re: Curley ( listen to this)/Paul/Kel

Posted by Paul Jr on 2/19/07
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    On 2/18/07, Kel wrote:
    > On 2/16/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> We are trying to open a restraunt its in the works in
    >> mission viejo, This is a risk and we could lose everything
    >> if it doesnt work out....I cant believe it im gona be
    >> walking around in a suit for once in my
    >> Paul Jr
    > Is this a place thats already open or you building from
    > scratch? Which place is it?
    > p.s. I was at Omars today! Couldn't resist, they still have
    > the baby golden conure there that I absolutley love!!! They
    > changed the place, have you seen it?
    > Kel

    This place is closed and avail for lease. We actually found
    2 places rent is expensive because of the area. Ive been
    known to be a risk taker

    I have not been to omars in a longtime...Goldens are pluckers
    and noisy but not as noisey as sun conure.


    I hope to see ya at the AFA convention but you seem kinda shy
    for some

    Paul Jr