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Re: Curley ( listen to this)/Paul/electra

Posted by Paul Jr on 2/19/07
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    On 2/18/07, electra wrote:
    > pail-
    > hahah sorry i menat good birds......sorry:)
    > On 2/18/07, electra wrote:
    >> hey paulo-
    >> open a bird store in ohio so i have somewhere to go see goof
    >> birds:)


    I know I talk like im rich but im really not like what you
    think. Im very much worried society is working against pet
    ownership and middle class are taking a big hit the way I see it
    either your gona move from middle class to rich or your gona go
    broke like me and be poor again. I have a friend that works for
    lenders direct right down the street they laid off 75 people
    couple days ago....She says yeah people borrow money against the
    house and are getting repo or just walking out the banks are
    taking a big hit.

    Paul Jr

    >> On 2/18/07, Kel wrote:
    >>> On 2/16/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >>>> We are trying to open a restraunt its in the works in
    >>>> mission viejo, This is a risk and we could lose everything
    >>>> if it doesnt work out....I cant believe it im gona be
    >>>> walking around in a suit for once in my
    >>>> Paul Jr
    >>> Is this a place thats already open or you building from
    >>> scratch? Which place is it?
    >>> p.s. I was at Omars today! Couldn't resist, they still have
    >>> the baby golden conure there that I absolutley love!!! They
    >>> changed the place, have you seen it?
    >>> Kel