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Re: The 4-1-1 please?

Posted by KittyJ on 2/16/07
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    On 2/16/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 2/16/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> NOT TO START ANYTHING. But please tell me whats with the
    >> drama? No offense or anything to anyone here, but who has
    >> something against another so I dont feel awkward while
    >> talking to anyone because I may say something that may
    >> start something without trying to. Please tell me whats up
    >> folks? OR BETTER YET, email me :) Thanks
    > LOL KittyJ needs a score card. actually I would too. If I
    > cared. I am now just starting to post after lurking for a
    > long time. I really don't care who doesnt like who and I'm
    > not gona let it keep me from posting when someone wants to
    > chat. lots o ppl and lot o opinions. If someone wants to be
    > rude to me Its not likely I will even respond.
    > DISLIKES WHO" SCORE CARDS HERE!!!!!!......................LOL

    LOL. How much are you selling'em for??
    Just kidding. I didnt mean it like that. I
    just feel so much tention between some. Many of you I like
    and some of you who I liek say things to others I like.
    Sometimes it seems like all in fun sarcasm other times it
    doesnt. Im just confused. Sorry about that. lol