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Re: Avian Specialist?

Posted by KittyJ on 2/16/07
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    On 2/16/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 2/16/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >> Hello All
    >> Im going to be going to college in a year or so. And
    >> wanted to know what College is best to start at. Im think
    >> the University of Washington, one of the major colleges
    >> here. But what courses should I take? I want to become a
    >> Avian Specialist. What schools are out there that I should
    >> take to learn and everything, THANKS! :)
    > I think you need to talk to your school consulor about that.
    > Its their job to know that stuff.

    Yeah. I talk to my school councelers but they know nothing
    about AVian Specialty " Whats that?" replies my counceler
    " Specialty in birds" I say
    " Ohh. I would say take lots of science courses and.. vet
    "Vet school?"

    LOL. I dont think my councelers know anything about animals or
    Avian Specialty. Thats why I asked you all. lol. I dont want
    to take vet school, I want to take bird school.. but Im not
    sure what to take to get to that and what I really need or
    anything *Big sigh* I procastinate a lot, but college is where
    I will begin my years of learning what I really need to learn
    to get into a career I would love...