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Re: Avian Specialist?

Posted by Curley on 2/17/07
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    On 2/16/07, KittyJ wrote:
    > On 2/16/07, Curley wrote:
    >> On 2/16/07, KittyJ wrote:
    >>> Hello All
    >>> Im going to be going to college in a year or so. And
    >>> wanted to know what College is best to start at. Im think
    >>> the University of Washington, one of the major colleges
    >>> here. But what courses should I take? I want to become a
    >>> Avian Specialist. What schools are out there that I should
    >>> take to learn and everything, THANKS! :)
    >> I think you need to talk to your school consulor about that.
    >> Its their job to know that stuff.
    > Yeah. I talk to my school councelers but they know nothing
    > about AVian Specialty " Whats that?" replies my counceler
    > " Specialty in birds" I say
    > " Ohh. I would say take lots of science courses and.. vet
    > school"
    > "Vet school?"
    > LOL. I dont think my councelers know anything about animals or
    > Avian Specialty. Thats why I asked you all. lol. I dont want
    > to take vet school, I want to take bird school.. but Im not
    > sure what to take to get to that and what I really need or
    > anything *Big sigh* I procastinate a lot, but college is where
    > I will begin my years of learning what I really need to learn
    > to get into a career I would love...

    yep vet school is the first step. Get thru that, take a few more
    courses specifically in avian science, pass that and maybe you
    can get certtified. I don't know exactly what you need to know
    but vet school is a must. Maybe ask your vet. Or better yet tell
    your school consular to do his job and find out for you. They
    should be very specific, settle for no less. They are being paid
    to know these things. lots o luck