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Re: A Poem for Electra

Posted by Babs on 2/19/07
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    On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    > ok and now back to bird chat...............oh yeah this is
    > BIRDmart.........lets talk bout a
    > poem about birds for BIRDmart chat on the BIRD chat boards
    > about BIRDS.........:)

    This is also the Social Board, where you, Pauljr and a host of
    others have used it to your "liking."
    Please don't tell me what can and cannot go on this board.
    After all, my dear, you are the one that had the other posts
    deleted because they didn't suit you!
    Also, how very sad that you discreetly manipulated Pauljr into
    sending you the Goffins.
    I wonder if the people who he is getting this bird from realize
    that it will be shipped to Ohio?
    You also know that if he didn't sent this bird to your
    for "free," which by the way, comes with a VERY big price in
    his mind, he would have sold it to anyone with the cash in hand.
    I will guarantee you that the folks who have this bird now
    would NOT approve of this shady transaction, especially under
    the guise of rescue.