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Re: A Poem for Electra

Posted by electra on 2/19/07
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    should i have said tushie??? ROLFMAO:)

    On 2/19/07, Curley wrote:
    > On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    >> JEalous much?????:) Paul's a big boy and can decide for himself
    >> what he wishes to do....that't really bites yer hinnie huh?:)
    >> by the way...never removed yer posts or complained. someone
    >> else must not like u either :) Good judge of character their.
    >> Bravo to whoever:)
    > LMAO Electra said Hinnie
    >> On 2/19/07, Babs wrote:
    >>> On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    >>>> ok and now back to bird chat...............oh yeah this is
    >>>> BIRDmart.........lets talk bout a
    >>>> poem about birds for BIRDmart chat on the BIRD chat boards
    >>>> about BIRDS.........:)
    >>> This is also the Social Board, where you, Pauljr and a host of
    >>> others have used it to your "liking."
    >>> Please don't tell me what can and cannot go on this board.
    >>> After all, my dear, you are the one that had the other posts
    >>> deleted because they didn't suit you!
    >>> Also, how very sad that you discreetly manipulated Pauljr into
    >>> sending you the Goffins.
    >>> I wonder if the people who he is getting this bird from
    >> realize
    >>> that it will be shipped to Ohio?
    >>> You also know that if he didn't sent this bird to your
    >>> for "free," which by the way, comes with a VERY big price in
    >>> his mind, he would have sold it to anyone with the cash in
    >> hand.
    >>> I will guarantee you that the folks who have this bird now
    >>> would NOT approve of this shady transaction, especially under
    >>> the guise of rescue.