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Re: Electra( he is going to be your bird)

Posted by linda on 2/19/07
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    On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    > your kidding right??? you don't have to do that paul.....but if
    > your not kidding.............oh my god it's like winning the
    > have my email i
    > think????
    > On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    >>> i am so jealous paulo.........I think she's sayin i want to
    >>> go to ohio and let aunty electra babysit for say the next 50
    >>> yrs.......your so lucky:) I hope she's a love bug for
    >>> you. Some day i will find the right one...tilee
    >>> then....sigh....electra wants a goffin. Keep us posted how
    >>> she does
    >>> On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >>>> They are bringing me the bird sometime today, They say it
    >>>> talks and loves to say Mommy Mommy full feathered very
    >>>> friendly...
    >>>> Paul Jr
    >> Im gona ship you this bird COD you pay shipping

    >> Paul Jr

    This was, I was startled to realize during the "Happy 35th
    Birthday, Aggiecon" panel earlier today, my 15th consecutive year
    in attendance. It seems like only yesterday I was a know-nothing
    freshman working dealers' room at AC20, utterly oblivious there
    was anything more to the convention than gaming. The birthday
    panel unfortunately devolved into a little bit of "This con
    doesn't compare to the Aggiecons of yore" complete with gripes
    about the film program being stolen by other committees and the
    lack of this or wrongheadedness of that. Aggiecon is fun. It's
    laid back and the program participants and guests of honor hang
    out and shoot the bull with fen until the wee hours of the
    morning. It's a convention that invited Harlan Ellison to come as
    guest of honor at the very first one way back at the height of the
    Vietnam war (Texas A&M is known for both it's conservative nature
    and the large Corps of Cadets on campus).>>