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Re: Electra( he is going to be your bird)

Posted by electra on 2/19/07
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    what the ??? was the last part about ??????? In the psyche ward
    we call that word salad. wow..........oh i just finished a clinical
    rotation in the psyche unit at a local hospital..:)

    On 2/19/07, linda wrote:
    > On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    >> your kidding right??? you don't have to do that paul.....but if
    >> your not kidding.............oh my god it's like winning the
    >> have my email i
    >> think????
    >> On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >>> On 2/19/07, electra wrote:
    >>>> i am so jealous paulo.........I think she's sayin i want to
    >>>> go to ohio and let aunty electra babysit for say the next 50
    >>>> yrs.......your so lucky:) I hope she's a love bug for
    >>>> you. Some day i will find the right one...tilee
    >>>> then....sigh....electra wants a goffin. Keep us posted how
    >>>> she does
    >>>> On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >>>>> They are bringing me the bird sometime today, They say it
    >>>>> talks and loves to say Mommy Mommy full feathered very
    >>>>> friendly...
    >>>>> Paul Jr
    >>> Im gona ship you this bird COD you pay shipping
    >>> Paul Jr
    > This was, I was startled to realize during the "Happy 35th
    > Birthday, Aggiecon" panel earlier today, my 15th consecutive year
    > in attendance. It seems like only yesterday I was a know-nothing
    > freshman working dealers' room at AC20, utterly oblivious there
    > was anything more to the convention than gaming. The birthday
    > panel unfortunately devolved into a little bit of "This con
    > doesn't compare to the Aggiecons of yore" complete with gripes
    > about the film program being stolen by other committees and the
    > lack of this or wrongheadedness of that. Aggiecon is fun. It's
    > laid back and the program participants and guests of honor hang
    > out and shoot the bull with fen until the wee hours of the
    > morning. It's a convention that invited Harlan Ellison to come as
    > guest of honor at the very first one way back at the height of the
    > Vietnam war (Texas A&M is known for both it's conservative nature
    > and the large Corps of Cadets on campus).>>