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Re: electras goffin

Posted by electra on 2/19/07
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    paul i'll hop over to your site later this an
    exam hope this works out....if not then
    well ya know...the search continues:) I'll be by
    later...thanks paul

    On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > electra been coming to my chat and stated she really
    > wanted a Goffin...When the bird arrives here ill take a
    > picture and post it for you and off he goes to Ohio.
    > I dont have your email but go to my site and send mail
    > with your info where to ship we will go COD continental
    > airlines so the bird will arrive to the terminal since im
    > sure its cold there...assuming they bring the bird..
    > I send 100 thousand coupons each month with my website so
    > I have lots of bird customers is how this has come about..
    > They say they are leaving the country for 3 months and
    > cant keep im sure hes coming and they have been
    > to the shop before...
    > Paul Jr