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Re: babs

Posted by electra on 2/19/07
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    i was looking at either a B&G or a cockatoo but decided the
    goffin would fit into our lives here better than a large
    macaw would but we already talked about that back in
    december. Personally i would think this showed the research
    i did and the consideration to the situation presented to
    me. I did not run out and buy a macaw but took the time to
    consider what would be best for my family and the bird is
    question. So once again babs you are involved in something
    that really doesn't concern you. Saw that coming. We've
    been posting here for a long time. I have talked with alot
    of people for a long time. Paul included....why ya gotta be
    so nasty? It takes all kinds of people to make the world go
    round. And if I end up with a bird or not what does it
    matter to you?? You don't know what conversations we've
    had in the past...really its not your concern. And i'm sure
    Paul can make up his own mind about what he does or doesn't
    want to do. Oh wait i forgot your supposed to tell us how
    mistaken we all are all the time.......saw that coming. Go

    On 2/19/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > she never asked me for a free bird, I just know shes been
    > looking for a Goffins and looks like shes gona get one.
    > she has been so nice on the board least I can do is help
    > her out with the bird shes been looking for.
    > Paul Jr