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Re: Electra( never received your info)/Paul

Posted by Kel on 2/20/07
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    On 2/20/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > Electra,
    > I need your info if you want this bird. I have sold 2
    > goffins from this store neither lasted more then 2 days
    > before I sold them.
    > The bird is a male around 10-12 years old goes to anybody
    > he does talk. The bird is not banded.
    > The base diet has been sunflower based seed mix and
    > people food. He likes mashed potatoes so I made some last
    > night and brought it this morning mixed with my daily
    > sprout mix.
    > I played with him this morning he is very active always on
    > the move in his cage right now hes hanging upside down
    > from top of cage saying
    > I brought my camera so ill take some pictures.
    > Paul Jr

    Is he at your shop Paul?