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Re: whats the odds/ no more nice girls

Posted by Paul JR on 2/20/07
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    Electra did call me and shes getting her bird tomorrow
    assuming paul gets out of bed at 4 am to ship

    The addy you can see this bird and my shop since brought the
    camera after 730 ish tonight my time western.

    The addy to see this bird and my shop after 730 ish my time
    and i dont forget my camera here at the shop(western time)

    http://yank them eggs dot com /howard.swf

    On 2/20/07, electra wrote:
    > nope just working all day till well now....nope the hubby
    > likes the birds, rather have him sleep with me than on the
    > couch.....cause that'd be no fun. Cry??? Only about the
    > snow:) Well as for the leavin i'm not goin any
    > where.....and if he did i'd kill
    > him...hahahahahahaha....just put one of those micro chips in
    > em...........GPS is a wonderous thing.......Have you tried
    > lookin for a nice girl at church?? That's where i met my
    > hubby. :)
    > On 2/20/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    >> I bet shes fighting with her hubby about this
    >> I was married once hahahahaha
    >> electra call me 949-457-1150 if you win the fight
    >> My ex wife used to cry and make me sleep on the couch
    >> till she won...hahahahahahaha...1 day she just took off
    >> gone
    >> Paul Jr