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Re: whats the odds/ Electra / Nicki

Posted by Babs on 2/20/07
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    On 2/20/07, Nicki wrote:
    > On 2/20/07, Babs wrote:
    >> On 2/20/07, electra wrote:
    >>> duh i get it yank them eggs.....oh my ok i get it duh blond
    >>> moment here.....i always was sayin yank the meggs hahhaha....we
    >>> have a fort meigs near by here.....hahaha...dumb blonde rides
    >>> again:)
    >> Congratulations Electra on your new addition. I wish you many
    >> happy years together!
    >> Nothing wrong with being blonde!
    >> Babilicious
    > BABS------------WOW, a self portrait of yourself. How brave you
    > are!! I've got GREAT NEWS for you.......MARDI GRAS is awaiting your
    > presence.

    Thank you, Nicki. I know my beauty is my curse! Every year for Lent,
    I cut my hair. Wanted you all to see me before I do that.