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Re: electra(did he hop for ya yet)

Posted by electra on 2/22/07
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    ah your familiar with mytoos huh? If everybody read that
    they'd never keep a cockatoo but would run screaming into
    the night:) YEah he danced for my
    think he likes him a bit better.....he always does that with
    my he did sit with me and solicit me
    to rub his head, neck and wings. My nanday was so

    i got a lady up here in ohio moving to florida...has two
    hawkheads about 5-6 that she wants to sell....she says she's
    not going to ask very much/she's more concerned they go into
    a good home or to a good breeder. The lady seems very
    knowledgable.....didn't know if you'd be interested seeing
    as how you raise the exotic stuff.....if you are i'll give
    her your number saturday.....let me know cause she's gonna
    call my store on saturday to find out if u were interested.

    did ya notice the lil guys bald spots under his wings??
    either he plucks there or just needs a better diet and a
    shower.....any thougts on that???

    did he step up for you at all?? He likes to go to my
    shoulder but won't get up on my hand....i thought well maybe
    he was perch trained...nope he freaked out when he saw me
    pick up the perch i use with my irn...did u try to mist him
    at all?? we are gonna let him settle a bit before he gets
    wet:)...........he is such a love bug:)

    thanks Paul..........

    Electra and Howard

    On 2/22/07, Paul Jr wrote:
    > Did ya fiqure out how to get him to hop?
    > We were having a ball just before he went in his carrier
    > I was singing yankee doodle dandy he hopped all over the
    > table, Tail spread eagle funny funny.
    > when you want him to go in the cage just say...
    > My name is Jerry and im from mytoos hell run and hide in
    > his cage....hahaha just kidding
    > Paul Jr