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Re: electra.....OT

Posted by Babs on 2/27/07
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    On 2/26/07, electra wrote:
    > Ohio???? I'm from

    Sadly Rebecca, Electra has to keep a very low profile now. She
    recently received as a gift, a Goffins Too, and security is paramount
    to her. Well actually, it's always been important to her cause she's
    what one might call a little paranoid about people finding out who she
    really is.
    She goes to Florence Nightengale school and will become an angel to the
    sick, healing them with her hands.

    And Electra, when you read this, have you thought about who the next
    home is for your Goffins when you and hubby decide you can't stand the
    noise and realize that all that glitters is not gold?