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Re: electra.....OT

Posted by Rebecca on 2/27/07
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    On 2/27/07, Dah wrote:
    > Babilicious oh yes. He sends a "girl" a bird that she knows nothing
    > about the history of. And yes this is a Cockatoo. These are the most
    > rehomed birds in the world, and yes the screaming is one of the main
    > reasons for people dumping these birds. God you got to love when people
    > think before they act! Now we know why she hides. She doesn't want
    > anyone to know the truth when she does dump this bird on someone else.

    Why is everybody being so nasty? Electra, you wrote you lived in Ohio. I'm
    not going to try to steal your bird! I have my own birds, thank you.
    Secondly, I know all about the fate of many cockatoos. I have an a couple
    cockatoos. One is a rescue. Yes, they are loud. Yes, many people don't
    keep them, but if every person who gets one, gets verbally abused when
    they have a question or concern, how are they supposed to make it work?
    I'm sick of so many cockatoo people (NOT ALL) thinking that they are the
    only ones qualified to care for cockatoos. I have never met such hostility
    from other bird/parrot people. They are usually helpful and do what they
    can to help the person and the bird adjust to each other. How about some
    advice and help for the new parront not a bunch of grief and humiliation?
    People scare newbies to death, therefore making them terrified to keep the
    cockatoo. She took in an adult rescue bird that needed a home. How about a
    little respect? She could have boughten a baby cockatoo from a pet store.
    She didn't give the "girl" a break. Also, age isn't the sole indicater of
    a good care giver. I see lots of animals neglected and abused then dumped
    by older, "stable", well off people. Other times, someone without a lot of
    money or young can make a wonderful, loving, long term animal parent. Has
    anyone considered that side of the coin?
    Whatever happened to playing nice? Grow up people.