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Re: electra.....OT

Posted by Curley on 2/27/07
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    On 2/27/07, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 2/27/07, Dah wrote:
    >> Babilicious oh yes. He sends a "girl" a bird that she knows nothing
    >> about the history of. And yes this is a Cockatoo. These are the most
    >> rehomed birds in the world, and yes the screaming is one of the main
    >> reasons for people dumping these birds. God you got to love when people
    >> think before they act! Now we know why she hides. She doesn't want
    >> anyone to know the truth when she does dump this bird on someone else.
    > Why is everybody being so nasty? Electra, you wrote you lived in Ohio. I'm
    > not going to try to steal your bird! I have my own birds, thank you.
    > Secondly, I know all about the fate of many cockatoos. I have an a couple
    > cockatoos. One is a rescue. Yes, they are loud. Yes, many people don't
    > keep them, but if every person who gets one, gets verbally abused when
    > they have a question or concern, how are they supposed to make it work?
    > I'm sick of so many cockatoo people (NOT ALL) thinking that they are the
    > only ones qualified to care for cockatoos. I have never met such hostility
    > from other bird/parrot people. They are usually helpful and do what they
    > can to help the person and the bird adjust to each other. How about some
    > advice and help for the new parront not a bunch of grief and humiliation?
    > People scare newbies to death, therefore making them terrified to keep the
    > cockatoo. She took in an adult rescue bird that needed a home. How about a
    > little respect? She could have boughten a baby cockatoo from a pet store.
    > She didn't give the "girl" a break. Also, age isn't the sole indicater of
    > a good care giver. I see lots of animals neglected and abused then dumped
    > by older, "stable", well off people. Other times, someone without a lot of
    > money or young can make a wonderful, loving, long term animal parent. Has
    > anyone considered that side of the coin?
    > Whatever happened to playing nice? Grow up people.

    I didnt want to get caught up in this issue and I will not respond to
    negative posts on this forum that are directed to me, BUT..........Rebecca
    you are 100% correct and I applaud you for taking the time to respond. I
    agree and I am sure that Electra will provide a good home for that bird.
    Good luck.