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Re: electra.....OT

Posted by electra on 2/28/07
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    wow......ok here's some more fodder for babs, i am a 32 year old woman i live
    in northwetern ohio.....i have been a special ed teacher (hence my background)
    I am curretly an RN student in my last semester of clinicals/school. I also
    work for a local large pet chain as a manager which is what i have done for the
    past 9 yrs since i left where i grew up and teaching. I am the animal
    behaviorist consultant for my company (due to my spec. ed background) and my
    life long bird/animal expericence. I started out in my youth working with birds
    of prey by volunteering at "Back to the Wild" in Norwalk/Milan ohio (a federal
    raptor rehab). I also worked several summers for the jungle larry's african
    lion safari at cedar point in saudusky when larry was alive. While in special
    ed teaching i focused on helping to reduce harmful behaviors in MR, SBH type
    children. When i moved to where i live i wanted to go back to working with
    animals and that's where i am now. I also do some small intake and foster for
    the local humane society when they need a foster for birds. So i know i can and
    will take care of howard just fine. I am glad to see you are concerned for his
    well being and i appreciate that this is a good qualify you have. However
    beating people over the head is not an effective manner of education or very
    good in the maintenence of long term relationships with others. I have been
    posting to this board for many years and have never experinced the levels of
    hostility shown in the recent weeks. I have decided since McKay and Micheal L.
    have left so long ago i will probably also. Construe whatever meaning into that
    you wish babs but no matter what i say you do that anyway. So this board has
    become at best a fruitless discussion with the sole goal of other lashing out at
    others to cause hurt and a target for the anger in their lives. The world has
    enough of this and so have I. I try to make my life so that it helps other
    through working with animals and with patients when in the role of nurse. But
    realise if this makes you feel bad about yourself to the point you feel you must
    rip on me or others here to feel better then something is wrong with YOU.
    Change your life, get some help....whatever....things are not always about you.
    (Still cann't get used to this tiny laptop key board.) :) to all.

    On 2/27/07, Rebecca wrote:
    > On 2/27/07, Babilicious wrote:
    >> On 2/27/07, Rebecca wrote:
    >>> On 2/27/07, Dah wrote:
    >>>> Babilicious oh yes. He sends a "girl" a bird that she knows nothing
    >>>> about the history of. And yes this is a Cockatoo. These are the most
    >>>> rehomed birds in the world, and yes the screaming is one of the main
    >>>> reasons for people dumping these birds. God you got to love when people
    >>>> think before they act! Now we know why she hides. She doesn't want
    >>>> anyone to know the truth when she does dump this bird on someone else.
    >>> Why is everybody being so nasty? Electra, you wrote you lived in Ohio. I'm
    >>> not going to try to steal your bird! I have my own birds, thank you.
    >>> Secondly, I know all about the fate of many cockatoos. I have an a couple
    >>> cockatoos. One is a rescue. Yes, they are loud. Yes, many people don't
    >>> keep them, but if every person who gets one, gets verbally abused when
    >>> they have a question or concern, how are they supposed to make it work?
    >>> I'm sick of so many cockatoo people (NOT ALL) thinking that they are the
    >>> only ones qualified to care for cockatoos. I have never met such hostility
    >>> from other bird/parrot people. They are usually helpful and do what they
    >>> can to help the person and the bird adjust to each other. How about some
    >>> advice and help for the new parront not a bunch of grief and humiliation?
    >>> People scare newbies to death, therefore making them terrified to keep the
    >>> cockatoo. She took in an adult rescue bird that needed a home. How about a
    >>> little respect? She could have boughten a baby cockatoo from a pet store.
    >>> She didn't give the "girl" a break. Also, age isn't the sole indicater of
    >>> a good care giver. I see lots of animals neglected and abused then dumped
    >>> by older, "stable", well off people. Other times, someone without a lot of
    >>> money or young can make a wonderful, loving, long term animal parent. Has
    >>> anyone considered that side of the coin?
    >>> Whatever happened to playing nice? Grow up people.
    >> Miss Rebecca, let me tell you that you are so far off the mark with the
    >> particulars of this story that it's pathetic.
    >> I do not have a Cockatoo, never had and never will. I hold no envy or
    > malice
    >> towards Electra when it comes to her having this too.
    >> She was "given this bird" because she "begged this bird" from Paul Jr.
    >> Just a couple of weeks ago she was going "macaw shopping" as she personally
    >> posted on the macaw board. Quite frankly she didn't care what kind of bird
    >> she got, only that it be free.
    >> She did NO research and this is not a dream bird for her. It was an
    >> impulsive plea to Paul Jr and unfortunately Paul Jr, horny toad that he is,
    >> decided to give her the bird. He had NO knowledge of this bird other than
    > it
    >> spent one night at his auto shop and then was put on a plane and sent to
    > Ohio
    >> the next day. All he did say, on Birdmart, was that this bird was LOUD.
    >> I guess we don't have to wonder why the previous owners gave it up?
    >> So if there's anyone that needs to grow up, it's you Miss Rebecca. You are
    >> commenting on a story that you know virtually nothing about. If you can't
    >> run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!
    >> And Curley, I only hope your son gets you into a senior living facility
    >> soon. Your working mine, and I'm sure other's, last nerve.
    > Why don't you try using your real name on here? By the way, thank you for
    > adressing me properly.