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Re: electra.....OT

Posted by KittyJ on 3/10/07
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    Bb, when people rescue birds, OFTEN TIMES people NHAVE NO IDEA what the bird
    has gone through. So why are you dowing Electra because she doesant know this
    bird. WELL HECK I adopted/rescued my birds, AND I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM an
    THEIR PAST. OOOPS I must be a baaad girl. Im not sticking up for Electra but
    your post was rude. I guess Im a bad perso as well again, BECAUSE PAUL was
    going to send me a bird in which I knew nothing about. I would've agreed, but
    at the time, and circumstances, I cannot. But if I would've gotten this bird
    that I had noidea about its past or anything, am I really a bad person? I say
    if you want a bird that you'll know its past history buy from a breeder. But I
    liek to rescue birds when I can. Now please no more rude remarks. Who CARES if
    she was "Caw shoping"? I dont. he was just seeing whats out there, and if a
    bird needed a home! I do it too! I am in no way a bad person. And Im sure if
    Electra cant take care f the bird, she'll send it my way :D Just like if you
    were to adopt a rescue bird, MANY rescues make you do a lot of research and
    time and effort and TIME with the bird yo uwanted to adopt, and ofcourse in
    the long run, if it dosnt work out, they let you return the precious and see
    whats wrong and all and try to find the "perfect" family member for them... Im
    sorry I just dont know why you are beign rude...