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Re: Paul the breeder

Posted by really not necesssary on 3/08/07
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    wow jerry....who ever you are....u sure are mad at paul for
    god knows what reason?? Could it be that you differ in
    opinion??? Well gee I thought that was aloud and healthy
    debate spawned great ideas and such. But ya swoop in and
    crap like a seagull here on poor paul for no descernable
    reason and what is one to think. ANOTHER TROLL. Gee just
    what birdmart needs. So I guess I'm bein careful what i
    read and believe. WHich in this case is not u.

    On 3/07/07, Jerry wrote:
    > Paul has been on my case for years now since he was banned
    > from Mytoos because he is a breeder, but more importantly
    > troublemaker. He sits on this board and spouts lies about
    > me and Mytoos week after week. Anyone who would believe
    > anything he says doesn't know him. Paul is capable of
    > acting normal for many months..even a year or more and then
    > people find out what he's really all about.
    > As far as ANY story he tells you about me and my birds: If
    > you have large cockatoos.. get divorced, and then fall to
    > illness (I'm a permanently disabled firefighter from an
    > the job injury) .. you sometimes make difficult choices.
    > Then you attempt to regroup and discover that you simply
    > arent capable. This is only ONE reason I'm so passionate
    > about these birds getting proper homes as RESCUES and not
    > PURCHASES from pet shops. I will spend the rest of my days
    > warning people about people about large 'Toos... while Paul
    > apparently will spend the rest of his days worried about
    > and my plans to curtail the breeding of large parrots. So
    > be it.
    > I will never get into a pi$$ing match with Paul because he
    > isn't worth it, but I might stop by every year or so just
    > tell my side of the story to all the new people on this
    > messageboard just so they'll understand.
    > People... ask yourself the following: How could Mytoos be
    > the #1 cockatoo website in the world (according to Google)
    > for the last 5 years, if we were ANYTHING like Paul
    > We have never spent one red cent to achieve that honor. We
    > have never submitted our name to a search engine. I'll
    > you why we're number one... because people trust us to tell
    > the truth. And we CAN because we dont have to answer to
    > sponsor or anyone else.. especially troublemakers like
    > Now.. let me tell you what will happen next: Paul will
    > respond in his usual manner of lies and jokes. He will lose
    > sleep trying to come up with all sorts of things to
    > disparage Mytoos on this and other posts. So stand back,
    > because he's on his way to entertain you. In the meantime,
    > I will not be back here for a long time as usual.
    > Be careful of what you read on the net. Be even more
    > of what you believe....
    > Jerry