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Re: Paul the breeder

Posted by Lora on 3/08/07
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    What! Poor Paul! He is nothing, nothing. He thinks he a
    ladies man, ya right, more of a Mamma's boy, who if I remember
    correctly still lives with his Mommy. He is not a bird lover,
    he takes advantage of them. Remember how he told of us of
    killing innocent baby quakers by burning holes in thier crops
    (when he was trying to handfeed way too many stolen babies)
    and then hand sewing some shut. Raiding quaker nests in
    Florida to sell them to pet stores. Anyone who would trust
    him will find out in the end what he is really like. Whats the
    name of his website, YANK THEM EGGS????? He is after money
    and thats it.
    And as far as trolls, what about the Micky person, gay birds?
    Thats a troll, he/she knows absolutely nothing about bird
    behavior. If you want to find a true troll, read Micky's posts.