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Re: Paul the breeder

Posted by KittyJ on 3/10/07
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    On 3/08/07, Lora wrote:
    > What! Poor Paul! He is nothing, nothing. He thinks he a
    > ladies man, ya right, more of a Mamma's boy, who if I remember
    > correctly still lives with his Mommy. He is not a bird lover,
    > he takes advantage of them. Remember how he told of us of
    > killing innocent baby quakers by burning holes in thier crops
    > (when he was trying to handfeed way too many stolen babies)
    > and then hand sewing some shut. Raiding quaker nests in
    > Florida to sell them to pet stores. Anyone who would trust
    > him will find out in the end what he is really like. Whats the
    > name of his website, YANK THEM EGGS????? He is after money
    > and thats it.
    > And as far as trolls, what about the Micky person, gay birds?
    > Thats a troll, he/she knows absolutely nothing about bird
    > behavior. If you want to find a true troll, read Micky's posts.
    > Lora

    I wish I was here more often to see what everyone is talking
    about. But from all the posts I have seen. Paul has his beliefs,
    Jerry has his. But I do respect Jerry a lot for what he all for.
    I think it would be great if Paul Jr had a site of his own so I
    can know more about him. But please everyone lets keep the
    peace. Stuff liek this happened 2 yrs ago and the message board
    was split up. And it finally healing. I actually see some life
    here again. So please everyone lets keep the peace.