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Posted by Bob Reap (webmaster) on 3/07/07
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    On 3/07/07, Just Me wrote:
    > Sure makes me wonder the same thing! I posted a reply ( a
    > nice & serious one ) last night & got a message that my
    > reply was being forwarded to the board administrator for
    > approval! And it's still not been posted to the chatboard -
    > 17 hours later. But there have been lot of other posts made
    > since that time. This use to be one of the best bird chat
    > areas that didn't require signing up as a member. But it's
    > definally gone to POT the past 2 years. Now I only drop in a
    > couple of times a month & usually don't bother reading most
    > of the posts because it's the same old crap going on that
    > ruined this board in the 1st place. So sad!!!

    Spammers are the lowest form of scum on the planet. I spend
    many hours a day, hundreds and hundreds of hours in my
    lifetime, removing their detritus from this and other
    chatboards I monitor. I craft filters to block their spam,
    but they change methods as quickly as one is blocked. Valid
    posts are often blocked because of this.

    If I could elimate one country from the planet - N1geria - 95%
    of this crap would disappear, and few would miss them. I
    apologize for the aggravation, but know you can't be as burnt
    about this as I am.

    If you can, when you spot spam click the "report this post"
    red link on the side, and I promptly remove new reports and
    block the latest spam patterns. Every little bit helps.