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Re: lora

Posted by Hal on 3/09/07
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    On 3/08/07, Lora wrote:
    > Funny huh..... people move!! I never stated thats where is
    > currently living. He USED to live in Florida. You must not
    > know him ever well if you didn't even know that.
    > And next time be a man and sign your name
    > Lora

    Lora is right. If you read all the CRAP that Paul has posted
    over time here, you would know of his shady character.
    No matter what you think, Paul's sole mission is for money.
    He can't stand the thought of losing a dime so he incubates all
    of his eggs and hand feeds them from day one.
    His parent birds never get a chance to raise a clutch and he
    hopes that they will start another clutch.
    He exposes these newly hatched birds to people that he allows
    to view them at his auto store.
    The list goes on and on.
    And before you say anything to me, ALL that I wrote is from
    Paul's mouth.
    And what's really sad, he's gathered a small following that
    thinks this is OK. Curley?

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